Quality Electrical Wiring

From small electrical wiring jobs to upgrading all the wiring in an older home, a professional electrical contractor should always be used to get the job done right and to ensure your safety and your homes. We service Tacoma, Olympia, and surrounding areas.

High Quality Electrical Wiring

Many houses constructed pre 1960’s have what is called knob and tube wiring or 2 wire romex wiring. One can determine if you have this type of wiring in your home, by closely looking at basement or attic and looking up at the joist or down under the insulation in the attic rafters to determine if your home is wired “knob and tube,” look for ceramic knobs or tubes in which the wire gets attached to, or passes through, joists or studs.

If the knob and tube wiring is not easily visible, you can usually tell by looking at your electrical outlets and switches. You may only have two prong outlets to plug into. Basically, no ground at each outlet or fixture outlet means knob and tube wiring or 2 wire romex is present , likewise if you have older pushbutton switches, this is also a good sign you may have knob and tube or non grounded circuits.

Also, most older homes have insufficient circuitry for today’s electrical needs. Our local electricians can add additional circuits to accommodate these needs.

Grounding is very important for appliances and electronics like TV’s and computers. Grounded receptacles keep metal surfaces from becoming energized and prevent getting shocked from these metal surfaces.

Rewire Knob and Tube Wiring

Rewire 2 Wire Romex Wiring

Replace 2 Prong Receptacles with 3 Prong

Replace Wiring with Grounded Romex Wiring

Install GFCI Receptacles

Add Circuits for Kitchen Appliances

Add Circuits for Delicate Electronics including TV's, Computers, and Stereo Systems

Add Circuits for Additional Receptacles

Hi Amp Electric will rewire your home so that all receptacles are grounded. We also remove all accessible non grounded wiring and de-energize the non grounded wiring hidden in the walls. GFCI’s are also important to prevent getting shocked around areas with water. These areas include kitchens, bathrooms, outside receptacles, and garage plugs.

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