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Pools & Hot Tubs

Your pool and hot tub installation is preformed by our skilled Puget Sound electricians, a professional that will respect your home and property.

Our hot tub installation service includes all essential parts and labor to ensure safe function and years of delight, which includes:

  1. Confirmation that your current electrical service can safely supply the necessary power to your hot tub
  2. An assessment of the manufacturer and type of hot tub to determine electrical materials and tools
  3. Your verification of placement and positioning of the hot tub
  4. Install and configure all wire, conduit and hardware needed to make the electrical connection
  5. Install appropriately sized breaker (typically 50 Amperes, 240 Volts) installed in main electrical panel
  6. Install correctly sized disconnect (GFCI protected) within sight of hot tub
  7. All necessary wiring, conduit and hardware from GFCI disconnect to hot tub
  8. Connection of wiring to the hot tub
  9. Verify and check all connections to ensure your hot tub is safely grounded
  10. Restoration of power to all circuits that may have been shut off during the electrical installation
  11. Your complete satisfaction






Electrical work and repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. There is a risk of shock or electrocution, which could result in serious injury or death. We strongly advise that hot tub electrical wiring be referred to a licensed electrician. Local code requirements for wiring vary and may differ from the educational examples on this web site. The local code regulations must be followed, with permits and inspections obtained. The installer should read and follow the hot tub owner's manual and associated electrical component owner's manuals and  instructions. Regardless of who performs the work, be sure that power to the spa circuit is switched off at the house service panel prior to inspections, wiring, or repairs. Improper wiring may damage equipment and void the spa manufacturer's warranty.


Pool, Spa, & Hot Tub Wiring Installation Services

Things to consider when having a pool installed:

  • Control Panels for Remote Control of Pool and Hot Tub functions
  • Modern Pool Control Panels offer you the luxury of controlling all functions of your pool system from a keypad inside your Wa State home. Control the heater, pump on or off, pump speed, and the motorized valves of the plumbing system from the comfort of your home. Optional Auxiliary Relays provide additional functions, such as control of landscape or fiber optic lighting.
  • Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Proper GFCI Disconnect

Why is Fiber Optic Lighting is the only safe lighting for pools and hot tubs?

Because everyone knows that electricity and water are not a good combination, especially when you are sitting in your pool or hot tub. With fiber lighting there is never a chance of an electric shock, or worse an electrocution, because there is no electrical wiring near the pool, only light. Options include changing colors and remote control of your fiber optic lighting.

Hot Tub Wiring

Having a hot tub is like having a year-round vacation in your own backyard. It is a place to escape the cares of the day and spend some quiet time alone or with family and friends.

With family and friends using your hot tub, you want to be sure that it is installed correctly, especially the electrical wiring. By hiring a qualified Washington State electrical company to connect your hot tub, one that is licensed, bonded and insured, and obtains the required permits, you are assured that it meets current electrical safety standards. You can enjoy your hot tub with the knowledge and peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe from electrical hazards.


If you are looking for a professional Western Wa. State pool lighting electrical contractor, please call us today or complete our online request form for an in-home consultation