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                                      We bought a century old house that needed a full re-wire. The house has beautiful box ceilings and original woodwork. Not only was the bid extremely competitive, but the electricians were exceptionally careful to limit the damage to the walls to a few two inch holes. They seemed to care as much as we did about this house and we were totally satisfied. You cannot go wrong with Mike and his crew at Hi Amp.......Mark and Rachel....Lakewood





                                                 REMODEL WORK - LIGHTING AND DESIGN

                                                 RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL

                                                  NEW CONSTRUCTION, TROUBLESHOOTING

                                          SERVICE UPGRADES, COMMERCIAL, SERVICE & REPAIR

                                          SAFETY INSPECTIONS ,RESIDENTIAL ,SERVICE REPAIR

                                                 GENERATOR SYSTEMS ,TRANSFER SYSTEMS

                                         200 AMP PANEL UPGRADE ,DATA & NETWORK WIRING



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When you are faced with an electrical problem at home or at work, make sure that you choose a Certified Electrician. Electricity is something that needs to be handled by a professional. If you try to fix the problem yourself, you might end up getting hurt or losing your life. Electricity is not something to be fooled with.

A Certified Lakewood Electrician is someone that has earned the designation by completing an electrical apprenticeship and who has completed and passed all the necessary course requirements per the local government ordinance. Always ask to see their local license to make sure they are licensed in your area. You want to make sure that whoever you hire has the right license and has the proper insurance.

Our Certified Lakewood Wa. State Electricians have extensive training on circuit breakers and panels, installing ceiling fans, light fixtures (inside and out), house rewiring, and much, much more. We offer the most qualified electricians that can get the job done right the first time. One call is all it takes to discuss your particular electrical problem and to make an appointment for one of our staff to come out to see you. If you like, you can ask for some professional references. We would be glad to provide these to you.

Lakewood Residential Electricians

Our residential Lakewood electricians can help you with much more than just your residential interior electrical issues. We can run an outdoor electrical outlet for new lighting, a BBQ grill, or even your hot tub or swimming pool. We can run wiring in barns, sheds, fountains, or other outdoor structures as well. You can rest assured that our Certified Lakewood Electricians are familiar with the building and electrical codes in your area.

Lakewood Washington Electrical Contractor and Electricians -  If you’re in need of some serious re-wiring, Hi Amp Electric's electricians will shock you back to normal.
 Lakewood electricians work hard to bring electricity to every
Lakewood home and building. At the most basic level, we install wires, which carry electricity throughout the home or businesses. Our experts also repair electric machinery, fix or replace bad wiring, or install surveillance wiring.
 Lakewood electrical contractors are always employed as part of a new home or building. They are vital when preparing and implementing electrical blueprints. These blueprints typically include information on where wires will be routed, identify potential wiring problems or hazards, and highlight the location of electrical equipment and outlets. Hi Amp Electric can run conduit inside walls for wiring, install junction boxes on the walls to hold switches and outlets, and pull wires through the conduits to connect the boxes and create a circuit so the electricity can flow.
Our electrical experts can repair and install circuit breakers, transformers, and other equipment to control the flow of electricity. They are also responsible for verifying that the correct amount of electricity reaches machines and appliances in use. Following strict regulations for wiring in buildings is an essential part of an electrician's work.
Some of the common tools used by electrical contractors in Lakewood include ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, all of which measure the amount of electricity running through a circuit. When hiring a Lakewood electrical contractor or electrician it is important to choose one who is licensed, accredited, and recommended. You don’t want your home subject to faulty wiring. Hi Amp Electric is a family owned business dedicated to your safety, not what is in your pocketbook. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Call Mike @ 888-278-3616
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