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Electrical Heating Installation, Replacement, & Repairs!

Electric heating is clean, compared with forms of heating which involve combustion, e.g. gas, oil, coal, etc. There are no fumes or flues associated with it. It is usually cheaper install than other forms, either in a new build, or in an existing house.

It can conveniently be used as 'top up' heating, where gas or other other central heating is used as the main form of heating. Many (but not all) electrical heaters are portable and respond quickly.

It is generally more expensive to run, although the relative costs compared with, say, gas depend on local conditions and costs at any particular time.

The running costs of electrical heaters will be high if the heater has no thermostat, and is left on for long periods, unless it is a low wattage heater. Thus only use a high power heater, without a thermostat, if it is just to be used to heat up a room for a short time, then switched off.

At Hi Amp Electric, we install many different types of electrical heating devices. With our years of experience you can be sure that your electric heating installation will be prompt and painless!





Electric baseboard heaters are the number one choice for low cost installation, and their quiet operation makes it the preferred heater for bedrooms. Hi Amp electric provides installation and repair services for electric heat and electric baseboard heaters as well as remote thermostat installation. Control your baseboard heaters with a convenient wall mounted thermostat. For installation or servicing give us a call! 888-278-3616













                                                                        Fan forced heaters are slightly more efficient than baseboard heaters. They also take up less wall space.





                                                        120 volt and 240 volt circuits installed for A/C units or Heat pumps


Window air conditioners are the most common type of portable air conditioner. Ease of installation is one of the obvious pros for this style of cooling unit. A window unit can be installed in a matter of minutes, simply place it in a window and push the electical plug into a nearby outlet. Most typicaly mounted directly into an open window they can be installed into a hole cut into a wall.

The largest drawback to a window air conditioner has always been the increased level of noise in the room however, things have been improving. Modern window units are much quieter than models from just a few years ago. If you are concerned about how loud a new window a/c will be many home improvement stores will have multiple demonstration models that you can listen to before you buy.

While window units are not as efficient as central (or split) air conditioners their EER (energy efficiency rating) are getting better each year. When buying a window a/c try to get the highest EER possible as the long term savings can be significant. A unit that has a rating of 10 versuses a rating of 8 will save you approximately 20% on the operating costs each year!

Window a/c units typically range from $100.00 to about $400.00. Popular options include remote control, timers, allergy filters, and low profile design.






Hi Amp Electric provides repair/replacement or installation all types of electric heaters and install circuits for window A/C units in these and surrounding areas:

Algona, Maple Vally, Black Diamond, Enumclaw, Bonney Lake, Orting, Buckley, Ruston, Milton, Fife, Puyallup, Eatonville, Lake Tapps, Edgewood ,

Elbe, Ashford, Morton, Steilacoom, DuPont, Lakewood, University PlaceTacoma, Parkland, Spanaway, Graham, Roy, Mckenna,

 Yelm, Nisqually, Rainier, Tenino, Bucoda, Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Shelton, Centralia, Chehalis.